Attentional Focus

Attentional Focus is a main challenge of the digital age. A high level of Attentional Focus is essential for Training/Practice and for Performance or Presentation. The two types – broad focus and narrow focus (defined in Sport Psychology) – are both required, along with the ability to switch between these two types. Broad focus is taking in all the necessary outside cues and narrow focus is a relaxed (without tension) concentrational focus on what you are actually doing and keeping that structurally all together. One can learn so much from observing others’ performance and presentation.

As performance coach, I assist individuals to make this their strength, as part of their performance enhancement and confidence.  My practical training book, Performance Confidence, available on this website, outlines specific strategies which will improve your focus and even if not a musician is applicable to anything you do. Also recommended is Daniel Goleman’s book Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence. How is your Focus?

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