Self Belief

What is Self Belief? Why is it crucial for your Self Confidence? How can you nurture your Self Belief? Subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay up to date, Performance Confidence & Self Care    

Attentional Focus

Attentional Focus is a main challenge of the digital age. A high level of Attentional Focus is essential for Training/Practice and for Performance or Presentation. The two types – broad focus and narrow focus (defined in Sport Psychology) – are both required, along with the ability to switch between these two types. Broad focus is […]

‘The Performance Confidence Experience’ July Conference POSTPONED!

DUE TO COVID 19 the 2-Day Brisbane July Conference with Carmel Liertz has been postponed until further notice! Wishing you all a safe journey and healthy journey. My book provides nutrition as a strategy to combat stress within a unique mind-body health program, so you can prevent and offload anxiety and stress. See Buy Page […]

Photographic Memory

Do you find memorising music challenging? Most musicians are familiar with aural and tactile forms of memorisation, maybe even kinaesthetic (muscle memory/body movements) but no so familiar with photographic memorisation – 'seeing' the music in one's head – as groups of notes and structural layout. Combining these 4 types can give more secure memory, increasing [...]

News April 15th, 2019 World Piano Conference

I’m excited to be invited to the World Piano Conference in Novi Sad, Serbia June 27 – July 3, 2019. I’m to give a Lecture and Performance Coaching at this International Conference comprising Lectures, Recitals, Masterclasses and Coaching as well as an International Piano Competition – all within the space of 7 days. (Novi Sad, […]

Performance Confidence – A Skill You Can Learn

Performance Confidence is a skill you can learn. So why not learn it? Performance stress falls away when you focus on confident performance. The same ‘mind-body awareness’ strategies used by elite athletes can be applied for music performance, workplace performance, and presentation. Mind-body fitness becomes the solid foundation with my unique holistic approach – an [...]


International Piano Magazine No 51 Sept/Oct 18 P41-42