Attentional Focus

Attentional Focus is a main challenge of the digital age. A high level of Attentional Focus is essential for Training/Practice and for Performance or Presentation. The two types – broad focus and narrow focus (defined in Sport Psychology) – are both required, along with the ability to switch between these two types. Broad focus is […]

‘The Performance Confidence Experience’ July Conference POSTPONED!

DUE TO COVID 19 the 2-Day Brisbane July Conference with Carmel Liertz has been postponed until further notice! Wishing you all a safe journey and healthy journey. My book provides nutrition as a strategy to combat stress within a unique mind-body health program, so you can prevent and offload anxiety and stress. See Buy Page […]

Photographic Memory

Do you find memorising music challenging? Most musicians are familiar with aural and tactile forms of memorisation, maybe even kinaesthetic (muscle memory/body movements) but no so familiar with photographic memorisation – 'seeing' the music in one's head – as groups of notes and structural layout. Combining these 4 types can give more secure memory, increasing [...]

News April 15th, 2019 World Piano Conference

I’m excited to be invited to the World Piano Conference in Novi Sad, Serbia June 27 – July 3, 2019. I’m to give a Lecture and Performance Coaching at this International Conference comprising Lectures, Recitals, Masterclasses and Coaching as well as an International Piano Competition – all within the space of 7 days. (Novi Sad, […]

Performance Confidence – A Skill You Can Learn

Performance Confidence is a skill you can learn. So why not learn it? Performance stress falls away when you focus on confident performance. The same ‘mind-body awareness’ strategies used by elite athletes can be applied for music performance, workplace performance, and presentation. Mind-body fitness becomes the solid foundation with my unique holistic approach – an [...]


International Piano Magazine No 51 Sept/Oct 18 P41-42