‘The Performance Confidence Experience’ July Conference POSTPONED!

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  • It was exciting for me to trial academically Performance Nutrition as a Performance Enhancement strategy. The positive results proved invaluable for the volunteer tertiary performance students and all my clients since – for increasing Calm, Concentration, and Sustained Energy (seen in my Thesis, ‘Developing Performance Confidence’ and website testimonials).
    The resultant Performance Confidence Training Book outlines Nutrition (being one of my six strategies) that all my clients now use successfully – incorporating Nutrition Guidelines for Practice and Performance, avoiding the Stress-Prone Diet and learning other facts to assist you in your individualised best choice of everyday foods.
    The book is ideal for creative and performing artists desiring higher levels of performance and performance confidence.

  • BrianTed

    Rather informative….look forwards to coming back.

    • Carmel Liertz

      Brian, all this information is available in my practical Handbook with large informative section on how to incorporate the optimal Performance Nutrition into your daily life and simultaneously for your work. The ebook download version is a steal – including how to avoid and overcome burnout and injuries and of course it contains everything that’s needed for self-care right now! Check out Buy Page.

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